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How to win friends and influence people:

On 19 Jun 2012, at 09:56, A Man wrote:

My good lady works at the City Centre and has just been sent this by their security so thought I should pass it on:
“It has been brought to my attention that there were two attempted rape incidents this weekend along the canal in the city centre. In both cases the victims were female joggers. One of these attacks was at 4.00 pm on Sunday afternoon in broad daylight. The culprit/s have not been caught.

It would therefore be advisable until further notice to not go running in those areas and not to run alone at all.

Please let as many runners as you know as possible (please forward on!!!) including guys, as they can pass the message on to more people too.”

Dear A Man,

Thank you for your mail. It might be more advisable for you to pass on the following advice to men at the university:

* Do not rape female joggers
* If you see a female jogger, do not act threateningly towards her
* If a female jogger appears alarmed at your presence, leave the canal area
* If one of your friends says he has raped a female jogger, report him to the police

I fail to see why we women are being called upon to change our behaviour when it is men who are committing this crime.

Best wishes,

Angry Glitz
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